Brandable items to help keep everyone safe.

It’s astonishing how quickly things can change, and also how much they stay the same. The idea of gathering with family and friends is wonderful, but it always has been. Perhaps we just appreciate it a little more now.

The transition to this new life can be tricky. Employees are heading back to work more frequently, with safety and health standards at an all time high. We’re here to provide you with options to help your employees and clients stay healthy, all while promoting your business.

Because when the world normalizes again, shouldn’t it be your name they remember?


Keep others safe when social distancing isn’t possible. Showcase your brand at the same time.


Clean your hands when you can’t get to soap and water. Sprays and gels in branded bottles.


These items are our new normal. Antimicrobial pens, lanyards and badge reels. We even have floor decals.

Universal Links Inc. has been providing businesses with custom branded merchandise for over 20 years. We are proud to connect our clients with their clients.

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