Boosting your sales is in everyone’s best interest.

Channel partners, dealers, distributors and re-sellers are a major source of revenue for most companies. For over twenty years, Universal Links has helped Fortune 500 companies manage partner relationships through promotional dealer programs.

Let Universal Links help you design and choose the most lucrative promotional dealer program. Here are a few examples of what we will do to help you establish and maintain your programs:

  • We will choose the highest quality items within your budget. It is better to give away a high quality version of an inexpensive item, rather than a low-quality version of a high end item.
  • We will select products related to your industry (e.g. car accessories for car dealerships)
  • We will choose products that belong in the office, but have a personal touch (e.g. personalized mouse pads, calendars, planners, or desk sets.)

It is important to remember that if the promotional product is functional, it will be seen and used instead of being tucked away, thereby promoting your brand.

Contact us if you would like more information. You can browse a small section of our products here.

Universal Links Inc. has been providing businesses with custom branded merchandise for over 20 years. We are proud to connect our clients with their clients.

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