One click and you’re done.

Transitioning to a digital store is easier than you think.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting to get you set up, from determining what your needs are, to what you want a company store to accomplish for you.

From simple solutions to a completely stocked warehouse.

We’ll build your company store tailored to your needs. Stop keeping track of what’s in your promo closet, and let users decide what to purchase and when. Universal Links can create an eStore that is exactly what you need an eStore to be.

These are the steps:

What Are Your Needs?

Determine what you want the store to do for you.

Much like picking a restaurant, you first have to decide what food you want and how hungry you are. Do you want a 4 course meal, or just a delicious beverage?

Company stores should offer similar options, from full inventory tracking, fulfillment and even direct billing – right down to a light version.

Why buy an appetizer and dessert when you only want drinks?

Support Staff

What type of support do you need?

Picture an e-store like support staff; it is there to help you with your work day.

Set it up to track your current promo. Run quarterly campaigns. Allow employees/branch offices to purchase items when they need them.

Less time managing your swag means more time doing other things. You can do the invoicing while your support staff waits on tables (we’ll be in the kitchen).

Pick Your Menu Items

You can have as big (or as small) of a company store as you’d like.

There are too many options to list, so here are a few to wet your appetite:

• Inventory Management
• Internal Billing
• Credit Card Payments
• Budgets
• Coupons
• Manager Approvals
• Bilingual
• Fulfillment
• Shipping Integrations
• Product Virtuals
• and on and on and on…

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