Gadzooks! It's the winningest promo team in the biz Universal Links: Promo All-Stars
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Commissioned representatives? Nope. We’ve hand-picked the best of the best.

Becoming a member of the Universal Links Promo All-Stars is no simple feat. After rigorous try-outs and brute-creativity-testing, we put our employees through a series of punishing promo scenarios to produce a group of individuals so fit – so toned – so committed to their individual areas of expertise – that we can have only one true label for the prowess they represent: Promo Athletes.

Use it or lose it!

To keep up with the latest trends, technologies, and products, we regularly attend refresher courses, tradeshows and product knowledge sessions covering all aspects of promotional products. And once we’re in the game, Universal Links ensures that there’s a plan for everything and that everything goes according to plan. Using our in-house CRM system, we huddle up and throw down personalized solutions like it’s our job (and it is). Break!

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