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Our imprint methods produce promo items so gorgeous, so glistening, so impressive -- that they will literally grab your audience by the face. Here are some examples of our high-impact, knock-out techniques:

Debossing involves recessing the die of the image into the surface of a material under heat and pressure to make an impression on the item. Debossing is done without the use of color and gives a tone-on-tone look to the promotional item. This method is usually performed to create an imprint on items such as pad holders, portfolios and business card cases made of paper, leather and imitation leather.

Colour fill debossing involves filling of the impression created by debossing with either foil or color.

Foil stamping involves a gold- or silver-coloured metallic foil directly imprinted on any leather-based promotional item. The quality of the imprint is determined by heat, foil type and imprint time. All of these factors can be adjusted for each product, foil and imprint.

With silk screening, different colored inks are forced through a silk screen or a fine mesh to create an image on promotional items like T-shirts, mugs and desk clocks.

Embroidery is used for items such as baseball caps, shirts, and tote bags. Since it is a highly expensive method, it adds perceived value to a company’s logo, making this method one of the best ways to create an impression on clients.

Engraving is used for metallic and wooden promotional items. At your request, we’ll also fill the engraved logo with colour to help the image stand out on the imprinted promotional products.

If promotional items are made of crystal or glass, etching can be used to imprint the client logo or name on the product. Choose from light etching, deep etching, or sand blasting, for various imprint depths. We can also use a colour fill.

Laser engraving involves the use of light to burn an image into the material surface, giving a logo or company name a polished appearance. Laser engraving is most impactful if the color of the promotional item and the substrate (provide link) are different.

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