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You can always rely on your teammates: use promotional dealer programs to boost sales!

Channel partners, dealers, distributors and resellers are a major source of revenue for most companies. For over ten years, Universal Links has helped Fortune 500 companies manage partner relationships through promotional dealer programs. (This ain’t no little league!)

Let Universal Links help you design and choose the most lucrative promotional dealer programs. To start, here are some teaser plays from our winning game strategy.

  • We will:
  • Choose the highest quality item within your budget. It is better to give away a high-quality version of an inexpensive item, rather than a low-quality version of a high-end item.
  • Select products related to the industry, e.g., car accessories for car dealers.
  • Choose products that belong in the office, but have a personal touch, e.g., personalized mouse pads, calendars, planners, desk sets, or desk clocks.
  • If the promotional product is functional, it will be seen and used instead of tucked away, thereby promoting your brand. Touchdown!
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